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San Diego Alive, A Video Health and Fitness Forum, by the Union-Tribune recently featured the Solana Center Compost Program with a quick video on the basics of composting. Also featured is Anna Orzel-Arnita, a San Diego resident, who shows off her backyard composting using Earth Machine compost bins.

Many thanks to Peggy Peattie for featuring composting on her segment!



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** Please note: The talk scheduled for September 9th has been rescheduled to October 16th.

Come see Rachel Borgatti, Compost Program Manager’s talk at City College in downtown San Diego on October 16th, 11:25 – 12:30, Room D-121B! Rachel will cover the environmental benefits of composting, why there isn’t more composting in San Diego, and how you can help! http://www.sdcity.edu/esc/events-speakers.asp

City College has many exciting environmental intiatives going on, including an urban farm! To learn about some of the environmental initiatives going on at City College, please check out the video below. Master Composter Diane Hollister can be seen at the 2:45 minute mark!

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Fran Avendana, 21, a student at University of California, San Diego, sorts compost as part of the schools recycling program.

Fran Avendana, 21, a student at University of California, San Diego, sorts compost as part of the school's recycling program.

Just a quick note that UCSD’s Compost Team, a mostly student-run organization trying to bring composting to UCSD, was featured in USA Today’s article on the “greening” movement going on college campuses. You can read the whole article here.

There is composting going on all over UCSD, from worm bins at the International House, to a composting at the Coast Community garden…where there’s a will, there’s a composter!

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Dan “the Worm Guy” Kuhn of Vermipro and a great Solana Center workshop instructor has a booth at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar. The worm education booth at the “Farm” section of the infield is not to be missed, especially at 2pm, when you can witness WORM RACING! Choose your favorite worm to cheer on to the finish line.

Kudos also go to Jennifer, the Farm Section Coordinator, for organizing great information on bees, butterflies and growing your own vegetables!

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Looking for extra browns and greens for your compost pile? Well look no farther!

Here at the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, we’ve been collaborating with a local coffee shop to accept all their grounds on a weekly basis. If you are looking to up your nitrogen/greens for your compost pile, come by on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 9am-4pm and we’ll give you as much as you can carry. The brewing process also removes most of the acidity (and puts it into your cup!), so coffee grounds are a safe, non-toxic garden amendment as is, or can be added to your worm or compost bin. Of course, we encourage you to save gasoline and the environment and encourage your local coffee shop to give their grounds to their customers.

Also, working in collaboration with the local Straw Builders Association, we now can put you in contact with folks who have straw left over from the building process. Straw is an excellent ‘brown’ or carbon source and can be used in your compost or worm bin. Contact the Compost Program at the Solana Center if you are interested!

Let’s keep these resources out of the landfill and back into the ground!

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